How to Use Only Song Lyrics to Hook up on Tinder


The internet is full of people who replied to their Tinder matches using only song lyrics. Here at First Slice we have combed through all of these attempts, from the awkward to the super awkward, to tell you if Taylor Swift works better than country, and what happens when you have a date based only on lyrics from No Diggity.

Drake Lyrics

<b>Drake Lyrics</b>

(Song: Just Hold On, We’re Going Home)

Drake: ladies love him, men want to be him and also cry softly when listening to his songs. Let’s see how a Drake classic holds up:

This lady even asks point blank “are you quoting songs?” and with an addition of a no, our Tinder baller goes right back into the Drake song, and the girl is STILL hooked. Drake lyrics are just that slick.

Tinder Seduction Score: 8/10

One Direction Lyrics

<b>One Direction Lyrics</b>

(Song: Rock Me)

If you’re gonna go pop, you gotta stay away from the chorus. Or you’re gonna be repeating “rock me, rock me, yeahhh!” And that’s how you get shut down, like we see here.

Tinder Seduction Score: 5/10

Cam’ron – Hey Ma Lyrics

<b>Cam'ron - Hey Ma Lyrics</b>

“Hey Ma, let’s slide. Alright.” That lyric pretty much sums up matching on Tinder. So it’s no surprise that Camron’s mix of smooth talk, frank requests and propositions pretty much seal the deal. Although if he had gotten to the call and response chorus, he would’ve been telling himself to slide. Tricky!

Tinder Seduction Score: 7/10

Taylor Swift Lyrics

<b>Taylor Swift Lyrics</b>

(Song: Blank Space)

This exchange clearly shows the difference between messaging men and women on Tinder. This guy clearly has no idea what’s going on, and is getting repeatedly warned to stay away from this girl, which just makes him want her more and more. Classic play. Although, if a guy hit up a girl with this, I think she would at least by psyched he’s into Tay-Tay. What can I say, girl is powerful.

Tinder Seduction Score: 8/10 on the fellas, 6/10 on the ladies

No Diggity

<b>No Diggity</b>

“Mmm hmmm.” When you hear that song it’s time to hit the dance floor. You know the ladies will be. So by that logic, it must kill it online too. Here, we see a lady completely lose understanding of what is happening. Despite that, the poetry of Blackstreet is strong. “Where u from” aka “You close by?!” Bam, he’s still got this.

Tinder Seduction Score: 6/10

Country Music Lyrics

Country Music Lyrics

(Song: Travis Tritt- Great Day to be Alive)

You’d think country would be the way to play it if you’re going for that certain type of lady or fella, but the lyrics are just too plain. A lot of people describing their days, trucks, and days spent on their trucks. Here we see a girl lose interest after a guy drops both soup and rice in the first few texts. Who could blame her?

Tinder Seduction Score: 3/10

Misc. – Rap Hook Repeat

<b>Misc. - Rap Hook Repeat</b>

(DJ Quik – Can You Work With That?)

Confidence is key in relationships, and that extends to Tinder. If you’ve decided to go big or go home with a rap hook, it’s time to hit caps on the keyboard, ditch the emojis, and throw down the exclamation points. She took two hours to decide, but she’s in.

Tinder Seduction Score: 7/10

What can we take away from all this? If you’re a guy going for the ladies, mix some Drake or some Cam’ron with some hooks and be confident! If you’re a girl, literally say any combination of letters.

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