Top 10 First Bond Girls Worth The Look


The name James Bond seems familiar and we can all agree on one thing, he gets to kill the terrorists and is rewarded with hot girls every time there is a threat. The bad bosses keep such toned and worthy women at their disposal of which usually most of them finally land in bed with Bond. Is it the tuxedo that makes them draw closer on-screen and show us the glimpse of the outstanding biology underneath the revealing bikinis? Or is it the thrilling sensitivity of Bonds skin? Whatever is the reason; I couldnt help but share with you my personal list of bond girls

1) Ursula Andress

This ultimate babe on our countdown raised eyebrows when she came ashore in a famous sea-shore scene in the Bond film Dr. No in 1962. She was chosen for her sex appeal in the film and played as Honey Rider as to help James Bond during his mission to kill Dr, No and save the world from destruction, we cant confirm about the movie gossip that much but we sure know our way around Ursulas beachwear secret cupboard. She is from Switzerland and was born on 19-Mar-1936.

2) Jane Seymour

There is a reason for getting married four times, either you are too hot to handle or you have a bit of a problem, whatever it may be one thing is totally accurate, you are one hot bombshell the world needs to hear about, so to get yourself noticed you have to show up on TV and that is exactly what Jane Seymour did, she landed a role along Bond in the film Live and Let Die. Not only a looker, she also made a career as a writer for books such as Jane Seymours Guide to Romantic Living and Two at a Time- Having Twins. Now thats what I call a hard-working woman. Age 61

3) Diana Rigg

Well, to sum it up this babe isnt much of a bond girl if you ask me, but when it comes to seducing and getting her in bed you will know where you went wrong. She is an English actress and an image for women rights all over the world. She is best known for her role in the film On Her Majestys Secret Service as Teresa di Vicenzo and in The Avengers as Emma Peel. Back then in the 1960s sexy women like Diana Rigg rewrote the idea of sex, dont try to compare this with the 21st century bond girls; it was a different comparison back then. Birth date = July 20 1938

4) Barbara Bach

Born on August 27, 1947, this skinny babe is an American model and a Bond girl. She appeared in the film The Spy Who Loved Me and it was really good watching her seduce James Bond. She is also remembered for her marriage to Ringo Starr, the former drummer for the Beatles band. Born in Rosedale, Queens she is a sexy one, her calculated diet and regular visits to the gym made her an international sex symbol and a Playboy model.

5) Honor Blackman

One of the highest grossing bond films the Goldfinger was a hit partially because it was a bond film with a great story and also due to Blackmans sizzling presence on-screen. Its almost impossible to not notice this beauty, I have imagined her in every outfit and I still dont get enough of it. If you think she didnt satisfy your urge in the Goldfinger, you can see her in full glory in the TV series The Avengers that ran from 1962 to 1964. She is the oldest (38) actor ever to play a bond girl (Pussy Galore), but we didnt know that while we were watching the film.

6) Claudine Auger

Too bad she died in 1997, but she sure has left an impression on her fans. She was born on April 26 1941 and we know her as Dominique Derval from the bond film Thunderball. She was seen on the sea-shore in a white bikini holding a sea shell and a bottle in a scene where Bond first meets her and they share a wet kiss. Sean Connery really knows how to the get most out of his girls on missions designed underwater or near an island. Claudine Auger was a French actress who also won the title of Miss France Monde. She died at the age of 70.

7) Jill St John

Her bursting full name is Jill Arlyn Oppenheim, she was born on August 19, 1940 and she will drive you bonkers just by looking at her toned posterior. Not every bond girl is so good-looking, in her prime she was a looker and when she landed a role in the bond film Diamonds are forever as the lead girl Tiffany Case in 1971, things changed and she was shot to fame because of her bikini look and pulsating persona. Take a look, Oh yeah dont let the white dots fool you!

8) Britt Ekland

Where should I begin? This lady has it all; from her high-profile public presence to her high-profile marriage to Peter Sellers, she was the most talked celebrity in the 1960s. She is a Swedish asset but resides in the UK currently, she may not seem that attractive to Mr. Seller but to us she is all the skin color on our popular magazines and life-size photo wallpapers. She was rocketed to fame with her role as the bond girl in the film The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974. She also released her bestselling autobiography called True Britt in 1980. Birth date = 6 October 1942

9) Mie Hama

I will die and be born again for this beauty in the bush. She is such a stunner, so natural and a perfect liability. She is from Tokyo and we all recall her as Kissy Suzuki from the bond film You Only Live Twice, where she wore the two piece garment to make sure we all flocked to the cinemas on time. She also appeared in other films and dramas but all those magazine photo shoots and this role along Sean Connery is all we need for the moment. This is thus a heavy-duty confirmation that the Japanese land also produces sexy women on the side. Birth date = November 20 1943

10) Daniela Bianchi

Oh my God she is still alive! Yes this Former Miss Rome is probably best known to us as the sexy clerk that goes by the name of Tatiana Romanova in the bond film From Russia with Love. She had difficulty speaking in English so the film crew hired another hot blond to record her lines, but then who cares, we didnt watch the film to see her utter British Intelligence notes, we wanted to see all that 19th century glory in bed with bond. She was born on January 31 1942.


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