What women REALLY look like: Artist appeals for everyday models of all shapes and sizes to pose for photographs to highlight body diversity and is inundated with offers

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What women REALLY look like 1Fat. Skinny. Blond. Glamorous. Exhausted. Lesbian. Korean. African. Athletic. Weak. So many labels. So many fake names given to us by society. And sometimes we come up with the question is that all I am? A bunch of stereotypes? Something that is seen on the surface.

The answer is no. Underneath the labels, underneath all masks we wear theres a real us. Women are like icebergs. You cant judge the size by its tip. You have to go deeper. Amy Hermann, an Australian artist, proves the idea. A powerful project, launched recently demonstrates women just the way they are and teaches us to look for something that is hidden. Something that is more important than the outside look.

What women REALLY look like 2Before I tell about a project itself, lets take a short test.

Describe yourself with 3 words words. Write them down and remember these words till you read the article to the end. Now lets get back to the idea of the project.

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