20 Perfectly Crazy Coach Faces


Not every coach’s face is so uniquely recognizable that it inspires a nickname like “The Chin”, but most coaches spend more than a little time in front of a camera. In front of lots of cameras.

Coaches may not get equal time with the action of the game, but when the cameras aren’t trained on the players…there’s a good chance the coach is the center of attention. Especially if he’s doing something crazy.

And with today’s hyper sports media environment and camera technology, that means every moment and every emotion is faithfully captured from 100 different angles.

So though not every coach has the kind of face that you’d deem Pulitzer-worthy subject matter, there are plenty of opportunities for people behind the lens to turn their anger, agony and everything in between into an awesome and compelling photo.

Here are 20 perfectly amazing crazy coach faces.

Pete Carroll

Mike Krzyzewski

Les Miles

Bob Knight

Patrick Roy

Nick Saban

Jamie Dixon

John Tortorella

Mike D’Antoni

10) Don Mattingly

11) Will Muschamp

12) John Harbaugh

13) Brad Stevens

14) Dabo Swinney

15) Rick Pitino

16) Bo Pelini

17) John Calipari

18) Jim Harbaugh

19) Mike Rice

20) Mike Rice

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