Have You Eaten Bananas With Brown Spots? OMG! This Is What Will Happen To You! WOW…


Do you know what it is to be sweet, and nice? To be helpful, yet a little bit odd? Have you ever had the feeling that they choose someone else, just because you are from a foreign country, and the other foreigners are more appealing, but at the same time you know you are better for them than anyone? Well if you do, you are a banana. SAY WHAT?! Yes, you heard me right!

Bananas are the most underrated fruits on the market (especially the US market) and their demand among exotic fruits is lowering each year. This is due to their relatively low shelf life. In just a day or so the bananas start to change their color and brown spots appear on its surface. In the West we have a lot of food and a lot of choice. So we tend to take only the best looking products, disregarding its nutrition values and its benefits to our bodies. So when we see in the market fruit that is looking less than perfect, we ignore it. If we take Bananas that look good, eventually brown spots will appear on them. And we throw them out. This is kind of wasteful but that’s not the problem. You can’t even imagine what you are throwing out. After you read this you would want to look in the bin for any bananas!

Bananas are like superman to the fruits. It looks normal and weak at first sight but actually it has superpowers. On one hand bananas are extremely. They provide most of the elements that our bodies need to survive. From them you can harvest vitamins, fibers, nutrients and natural sugar in the amounts no other food can give you. When bananas start to change, you can witness their real power. You will be amazed.

Have you heard of TNF? It stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor. This is a cancer-fighting substance, which demolishes irregular cells in our bodies. When a banana turns brown it is becoming rich on TNF. Research suggests that “rotten” bananas can stop the growth of cancer cells and stop them from scattering across your body. This is incredible, right?
Well now, are you still going to throw away this banana, just because of a tiny brown spot?

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