MONSTERS! They Did The Unthinkable With This Teen Girl


This is a story that will blow your mind. This is a story about a girl and three apples. No, it’s not a fairytale, although it has a damsel in distress, villains, and even a hero. This is a true story about the bitter, unforgiving and cruel life of top models.

Gabriela is a French high school senior, who is preparing for her final exams. Her dream is to study in Paris. She has astonishing beauty but never thought of it much. Until one day she was shopping with her mom and a modeling agent approached them. Little did she know those were her first steps towards her own personal hell – a life full of torture, sorrow and despair.

The agent offered to make her famous, rich and happy. Gabriela never thought of career as a model until that moment. She had the chance to live the dream of millions of teenage girls but not hers. Nevertheless she agreed. You won’t believe what happened next! This is just horrific!

The façade of glitter and sequins, hiding the true nature of fashion, crumbled and fell in a matter of days. The outrageous demands of Gabriela’s employers demolished her dreams of happy life. Being skinny was not enough according to the fashion world. Some designers were even worst! They said to her, that their cloths are not supposed to fit women that have breasts. Can you imagine the horror?

So Gabriela was forced to go on an appalling diet. She ate just three apples a day for 8 weeks! OMG! The poor girl was starving for two months, so that she could fit cloths no other normal woman can. The already skinny girl was forced to lose 22 pound in just two months. She stopped being the beautiful gal with dreams of studying in Paris and become a creature of nightmares.

Everyone was telling her she should be happy, but she was miserable. After just 8 months in this dreadful business driven by her anorexia, and seeing no way out, Gabriel made an attempt to end life.

Luckily this sweet young French girl survived, but her attempted forced everybody to see behind the spotlights, and to witness the horror that is fashion.

Now Gabriela is 23, healthy and wears US size 6. She described her 8 months long nightmare in a book titled “Never Skinny Enough. The Diary of a Top Model”.

Share this horrific story with your close friends and family! Protect everyone from becoming part of this cruel, unforgiving business. As Gabriela has shown, one man can make a difference.

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