Most People Think Cheerleaders Are Perfect People. Wait Until You See This.

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We discover in senior school that cheerleaders are sleek and fragile animals. This notion appears to last an eternity for most of US… Before you discover this listing of supporter that is 25 amusing encounters and uncomfortable fails. #12 may have you laughing aloud.

1.) Before you drop one consider the camera.

1.) One last look at the camera before you fall.

2) I wear”t believe this stop finished nicely.

2) I don

3.) The cheerleaders really look not more afraid than that cameraman.

3.) That cameraman actually looks more terrified than the cheerleaders.

4.) That”s a back-flip that is painful.

5.) Raising crash.

6.) Umm… what?

6.) Umm... what?

7.) She atleast looks really passionate.

7.) She at least looks very enthusiastic.

8.) That”s the appearance of focus that is severe.

8.) That

9.) They’re suspiciously enthusiastic.

9.) They are suspiciously excited.

10.) Don”t be over-confident.

11.) Baseball and cheerleading is a terrible strategy.

The one that is next can make you flinch. OUCH… Examine the Following Site.

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