Remember Her? Try Not To Gasp When You See How She Looks Now

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From earliest age, we’re being led to believe that love is only for those who are physically attractive. Do you recall all that wonderful stories and fairy tales your parents and grandparents used to read to you? They’re always full of incredibly beautiful kings and queens, princes and princesses. Despite the fact that the real royalty usually are far from the looks of the movie stars, our ideas of aristocrats rarely include people who look ugly and have a heart of gold. When there are really unsightly men of good heart, he’ll always turn magically at the end into the most beautiful creature the world has seen, alluding that beauty is a deserved prize for noble deeds. And, of course, when people are attractive enough, love stories almost always end with a grand marriage and they live happily ever after.

This delusion probably was meant to be outgrown when people reach mature age, but Hollywood, fashion business, magazines and others keep it going long after that. Yet, it persists and people are prejudiced that pretty people are more deserving of love than those who are not that attractive. In fact, this idea keeps running a huge part of the world’s economy. Somehow, people believe that you look better you will be more successful, rich and genuinely loved. Also, you’ll rarely see photos of unhappy gorgeous men or women.

In the meantime, regardless of this notion, not-so-attractive people still love and are loved – and truly don’t care about the beauty standards forced upon them by the society. So people have two choices – either to taunt them for their unattractiveness, and become haters who don’t hide their disdain in the view of their love, or to acknowledge they have the same right to be happy and loved that we grant to the pretty couples.

As you probably know, happiness comes from the small details, and has nothing to do with the appearance.

So let’s rejoice for the strong couples out there, that never accept the stereotype – and discover love and joy regardless of the hate they receive from lonely, sad, and filled with hate people. Even if they are not as beautiful as models, they remain the prettiest in the eyes of their partner.

You can find the stories of a few such couples on the following pages.

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