Spreading Salt Around The House!? Here Is Why It Is SO Incredible! WOW!



Since the medieval times, people have been using salt for cleaning purposes in their homes. With its not-toxic properties, salt (sodium chloride) has been used to help clean and disinfect items in homes for ages. Although salt was regarded as a precious commodity many decades ago, today you can buy a packet cheaply at any shop near you.


This means you should not miss exploring the benefits that come with using this product within our homes to make cleaning an easier job. Below are some of the ways in which salt has proved effective in cleaning and you can borrow one or two to make your home a better place without necessarily buying expensive detergents.

Keep ants away

If you are having a major problem keeping ants away from your food storage cabinets or windows, you should remember that salt is a perfect tool to keep the small creatures away.

If the ants have become too annoying and you want to use a simple method to eliminate them, just place some salt on thewindow sills or whatever surface they have attacked. As is commonly known, salt also reduces humidity levels within the home when applied in that manner.

Cleaning sink drains

Mostly when the sink clogs, there will be a thick layer that prevents water from passing freely. This layer is made up grease and its build-up could bring about expensive replacements.


To clean the sink, mix hot water with salt and pour the mixture into the sink. Salt melts the grease and deodorizes the sink.

Brighten colors

If your curtains or fiber rugs seem to have lost their original glare, you should not look too far for a remedy. Salt can perfectly allow you to restore the color of the garments with just one wash. Dip a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub the faded rugsand carpets with it. This helps to clean any spots and stains that could not be eliminated easily using conventional detergents.

Polish brass, silver and copper

Many people who own ornaments made from brass, copper and silver would like to keep them clean as new. However, with time the metals will fade and this makes it necessary to find a method to clean them. Salt is the easiest and non-corrosive solution you can choose for this purpose.


Rubbing a paste of salt mixture and vinegar on the objects gives a shiny look after rinsing. Salt and vinegar dissolve any stainsand dirt that could be making the object to appear dull.

Cleaning car and house windows

To clean your windows and remove any stubborn stains, just mix few tablespoons of salt with one gallon of warm water. Use the mixture to clean the windows, rubbing keenly any parts that are stained. This should leave the windows clean as new and offers a lasting effect even when used in cleaning the windows of your car.

Skin rejuvenation

Mixing salt with olive or lavender oil forms a perfect bath scrub. Rub the entire body with the mixture then shower to rinse the dirt off. Salt helps to rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Tooth remedies

When you are having toothaches and mouth sores, you do not need to wait until you see the dentist. You can offer remedy by dissolving salt in warm water then swishing it in the mouth. This mixture offers an amazing mouthwash and has laxative effects.


Teeth whitening and dental care

Salt, when mixed with baking soda, acts as a tooth whitening solution that you can apply any time. It allows you to keep your teeth white and clean at the same time.

Dry clothes during winter

Use salt to rinse your clothes in the final wash to prevent them from shrinking. This is especially useful if you keep your clothes outside in the sun to dry. The clothes also become soft and all stains are eliminated.

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