This Root Can Eliminate Body Pain, Heartburn, And 3 Other Common Ailments.


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If you havent heard of licorice root you have truly been missing out. Not only does this wonderfully sweet root taste great and help sooth sugar cravings, it also helps you clean your teeth. However, this is no where near the end of the benefits one can expect from licorice roots. What follows below will explain the 7 benefits you can expect from chewing licorice root.

Heart Burn.

Picture the scene. You have just had a delicious meal. You are having a wonderful conversation with your dinner guest, when out of nowhere you begin to feel a searing pain in your chest. This is no ordinary pain. Its hot, its throbbing, its heart burn.

Instead of reaching for an over the counter (chemical packed) medicinal liquid, take a big bite of licorice root to sooth your aching heart. Licorice root is actually the root of the Glycyrrhiza Galbra.

The Glycyrrhiza galbra is a legume indigenous to India and Asia. Both the Glycyrrhiza and licorice roots natural anti-inflammatory properties make them perfect for overcoming heartburn and acid reflux.

Adrenal Fatigue.

Its amazing how much stress you can go through in a day. Although our lives are rarely in mortal danger, our need for comfort has led us to becoming a species of worried worts. Thanks to our advances in technology the slightest push out of our comfort zones sets our adrenal glands into overdrive.

When we become stressed we saturate our bodies with cortisol (the stress hormone).Chewing licorice root helps to regulate the amount of cortisol in the body. By regulating cortisol licorice root will help your adrenal glands relax.

Get Rid Of Coughs And Sore Throats.

A persistent bad cough can be frustrating and painful. Inflammation of the throat can ruin anyones day. Luckily licorice root can be an effective remedy for sore throats and bad coughs.

As an exportant, licorice root helps dislodge and expel mucous that your body is trying to eliminate by continuously coughing.

Licorice root is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. As an anti-inflammatory licorice root helps to sooth sore throats and further relive bad coughs.

Pain Relief .

One of the most amazing attribute of licorice root is its ability to sooth and relieve pain. As a antispasmodic, licorice can help relieve pain caused by cramps. Licorice root can provide relief to abdominal cramps as well as having the potentially to sooth cramps in the muscles.

Leaky Gut.

Leaky gut syndrome has grown as an epidemic now affecting thousands of people. You might ask: what is leaky gut syndrome? Well, Leaky gut syndrome is a malfunction in the intestinal tight junction. The intestinal tight junction is basically the doorman who lets in nutrients from your stomach to club bloodstream.

When your intestinal tight junction malfunctions bacteria, germs, and other harmful pathogens are free to enter your bloodstream. Licorice root is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to sooth the stomach and intestinal tight junction.

Licorice root might not be the most well known medicinal root, but, there is no ignoring its amazing and far reaching health benefits.


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